We will leave the chosen tank out of the campaign for you! Your account must have at least 3 TX tanks from the list: S.Conqueror, 140, EBR, IS7, WZ 5A, Ord. 277, Leopard, CS-63, GC (the advantage is then 907/260 / Chief) + a suitable amount of credits (at least 5 million) and at least 2 perks on the crew (a 6th sence is a must).

If you are not sure if your account meets the requirements, ask us by email or live chat.

How does it work ? During the campaign period ( during July 2021 ) we will invite you to one of the best EU clans and in the evening we will play on your account – we will inform you about it in advance.

We will place you almost immediately in the ranking of the best players, then just wait until the end of the campaign, pick up the tank and “a few” extra REWARDS, like special camouflages, bons, credits or premium account. 

This offer is for EU server only.

We always play with an anonymizer in your account and never communicate with your friends to provide maximum privacy.

We recommend that you read our rules (link) before ordering.

If you have any questions, please email or live chat here. >>>