Welcome to in the next few lines, we would like to explain you how it works.

We provide our services on the EU / NA server.

Our boosters (the players which complete your services on your account) will do their job for 100% at any given time.

Our boosters play a clean game without mods. Therefore, you do not have to worry about blocking your account.

We never use your golds/bons/free XP.

We require customers to have enough credits in their account and at least 2 crew perks (6th sense is required).

As soon as we complete the order, we will send you an email immediately informing you that our services are complete.

If you need to play on an account ( like CWs ) write us a note from when to when you need to be on the account. We will adapt to it.

We always play with an anonymizer on your account and never communicate with your clan or your friends to provide maximum privacy.

After ordering our services, we recommend turning off the game. The free booster will then take over your contract and want to start doing it as soon as possible.

We recommend to pay by paypal (we will receive payment immediately). In the case of transfer payment, we always wait for payment to come (it can come immediately or even in 2 working days).

We recommend change your password before ordering and then change  it again after the order is completed!

We also recommend adding a mobile phone to your account to ensure that no one will steal your account! (takes 2 minutes).

If you have any questions, please contact us or here on live chat. >>

Thanks for cooperation, good luck on the battlefield, wishes team.